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Protect Your Vehicle with Routine Tune-Ups

Get regular tune-ups at Ajax Muffler & Automotive Services and help prolong the life of your vehicle while also saving money in the long term. Tune-ups are especially important for individuals who do a lot of driving through the week. Regular maintenance checkups can give you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in top condition.

Some recommended tune-up services include, but are not limited to:

  • Oil filter change – 5,000 km
  • Tire rotation – 15,000 km
  • Transfer case – 55,000 km
  • Transmission – 55,000 km
  • Coolant flush – 60,000 km
  • Front differential – 75,000 km
  • Moto-vac injector flush – 80,000 km

Winter Time Tune-Ups

The cold months can take a toll on your vehicle, especially with extremely low temperatures and adverse road conditions. Prevent future problems from occurring by taking care of small problems as they are needed before they have a chance to evolve into something more serious and expensive. This is why tune-ups during the winter months are very important. Call today to set up an appointment.

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